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The Skrull Invasion is over…or is it ? March 6, 2010

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The Skrull Invasion is over…or is it ?

Sightings of a Giant Skrull in Penang were reported recently with  photographic evidence that it may not be over. Captain America was also spotted taking on the huge Skrull figure at an unknown location. Where are the rest of the heroes ?

The Skrull Invasion is not over !

Marvel Universe Skrull Invasion Giant Man Walmart Exclusive Legends Secret Wars

The Skrulls are here in Penang

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The Marvel Universe is not safe from these villainous aliens. Who knows who is a shape shifting Skrull ? Your neighbour, your co-worker…your partner ??

Marvel Universe Giant Man Skrull vs Captain America Legends Walmart Exclusive Secret Wars Legends

Captain America takes on Giant Skrull

Stay tuned for more breaking news on the Skrull Invasion.



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