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The MIGHTY THOR !!! in 3D May 26, 2011

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Just caught THOR in 3D and what an awesome movie it was. The 3D effects were the best I have seen so far and did not resort to cheap poking the sword to the screen action to pull it off. From the snow flakes to the rain drops which you could feel as if they were whizzing around you. The awesome Mount Olympus, Odin, Heimdallur,the Rainbow bridge and the Frost Giants were all brought to life in this movie.

Nice subtle effects in the desert, in the streets really gave you a great experience.

Was happy to see the Warriors Three with a close but revamped version of our 3 heroes, Fandral, Hogun and a not so round but equally bulky Volstagg. With Lady Sif in the mix as a true warrior woman.Shame they missed out Balder. Hemidal was grand with his revamped armor.

Tom Hiddleston was perfect as the Prince of deceit Loki. His face really captured the character of the comics as a darker version.

I had reservations on Chris Hemsworth as Thor but he was impressive in stature and in his portrayal of Thor was solid. His look though reminded me more of Thunderstrike. But this was definitely hammer time !

The fight with the Frost Giants was awesome but too short and the Frost Giants beast could have done a few more rounds with our heroes.

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster was different to the classic nurse that we know

Spoiler alert ! ******

Check out the shot intro for our favourite archer Clint Barton aka Hawkeye


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