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Horrible eBay buyers – shaiko85 this years winner December 4, 2010

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Online trading on eBay is great fun and you meet a lot of nice people who are reasonable. Every now and then you meet a real donkey who for some reason seems to either :

not bother to read you terms of sale in the description
does not understand the terms of sale or the condition of the item on sale
does not care about the description and insists on his own idea of what the items condition should be
is purely vendictive
has his own agenda
is purely unreasonable
Seems like the end of year usually brings out the idiots online too. Every year I have one who is such a pain. This year’s prize winner on eBay is :

Member id shaiko85 from Spain
calle/Ramon Gomez de la Serna nº3 “TJ”

29018 Malaga(Malaga), Andalucía Ceuta y Melilla


If you have this guy bidding on your listings, best to cancel his bids for he will cause you all sorts of grief after the sale not matter what you do to try to resolve his issue. Does not understand English well and send threats of negative feedback even though the description has been clear and the terms of the sale is spelt out clearly in the description.

Nasty experience. There is always one. Share your experience as an eBay seller and lets round up those bad buyers. Since there is no way to leave the buyer negative feedback and eBay seems to always say that there is no issue and they cannot remove the obviously unfair feedback.

Wonder what he gets ? Does he get a kick out of leaving negative feedback for the sake of leaving it ? At the end of the day he does not get his issue resolved and for me his negativity will just float off into the horizon.

Still we will continue on with the 99% of reasonable and nice people in the world. Life is too short to worry of such donkeys. (sorry this is an insult to donkeys) As sellers we are always willing to work with reasonable buyers to resolve their issues and every one goes home happy.

Anyway in the spirit of Christmas and our Lord Jesus Christ, you are forgiven for you know not what you do. Amen!

Quick Guide to Buying on eBay and online February 22, 2010

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I noticed that a lot of buyers seem not to use a little common sense when buying on eBay or any other online sites. Since you cannot physically handle the item you wish to purchase it is important that you actually read through the description of the item on sale and not base your purchase or bid on the picture or title alone.

Since the picture is open to interpretation and the title may be limited to the number of words that can be used, the description will provide all the specifications for the item that you are looking at. A good description will give you information on :

  • State of the article 
    • MOC – Mint on card
    • MOSC – Mint on sealed card
    • NM – Near mint
    • Loose – item by itself without the box / package

and so on

  • Any accessories or other items that are included in the sale. This is particularly important as it will tell you what you are getting.
  • Color (if relevant)
  • Size
  • Condition – New, Used, Display unit etc
  • Shipping conditions
    • Countries that are shipped to
    • Countries that are not shipped to
    • Shipment services available
    • Shipment costs and handling charges
    • Shipment processing times
    • Shipment estimate delivery times


If it is an international shipment which has been stated to take approximately 14 days to reach you, don’t start worrying after 3 days. It is physically impossible for an international shipment to be fasted the a domestic shipment. International shipments will need to :

  • Go to an international departure point in their country
  • Travel across the globe (air obviously will be faster then land / sea mail )
  • Clear customs in your country
  • Depend on your local postal service to transport inland from the port of arrival to your location

The speed of all these depends on the postal service in your respective countries. Some inland postage will actually take much longer then the actual international journey. You will need to refer to your local postal service for delivery times. You can refer to your local post office website if they operate one in your country such as :


SAVE money on shipping by getting loose figures February 1, 2010

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A lot of the time we do not need the packaging that comes with figures and they take up a lot of room inside a box in order to ship it to us not to mention adding weight. This means that we are paying money to ship things that we are just going to throw in the bin once they reach us. There are savings to be had on shipping if you can get the seller to remove the packaging and ship the items loose. Obviously they should repack the items in a smaller box with sufficient packaging so as not to damage the item.

This will add up especially if you get a few items together. Besides this is a greener option as your seller will use less packing material.

Get cash back on all your eBay purchases!

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Here are some suggestions if you are looking for loose figures
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eBay Seller Tips : Holiday calendar January 19, 2010

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<span style=”font-size: large;”>Here is a useful tool for all eBay and online sellers who want to sell worldwide. This website allows you to check for local holidays in the countries of the world. This is useful as some items are seasonal items and also people then to have more time to go surfing during the holiday seasons.</span>
<span style=”font-size: large;”>
<div style=”text-align: center;”>
<span style=”font-size: large;”><a href=”http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/”>Time and Date calendar</a></span>
<div style=”text-align: center;”>

<div style=”text-align: center;”>