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Marvel Iron Man Fashion- Armor and more armor ! April 9, 2010

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Iron Man has always had the best toys and his various armor designs, some specially constructed for specific tasks has always been a great fascination of mine.

Always the favorite is the classic red and gold armor.

Marvel Iron Man armor 2 movie comic series classic power assault hyper velocity deep dive stealth mark I II III

Especially with the cool blast off stand and replusor blast.

It all started with the Mark I armor which although looks quite rough was functionally really cool. Great for BBQs !

With a little bit of refinement though still short on the colors, the Mark II became more sleek

With the Mark III adding more color to the armor and cool gadgets and functionality

Hypervelocity armor gave a more cyber look to the armor

And the Power Assault armor provided more heavy duty action

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For more specialized missions into the ocean, the Deep Dive armor is recommended

and for those missions where it is better not to be seen, the Stealth armor is an absolute must.