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Ebay seller guide for posting parcels January 16, 2010

Posted by marvelpg in Guides.
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I noted at the post office on the number of times I came across people who seem to be postal challenged. I am starting a guide for those who are thinking of selling on eBay or any other sites, or just need to send things through the mail.

These are related to using the Malaysian Postal service but I’m sure will be common to other countries as well.

Rule 1:

Parcels wrapped in fancy birthday or other wrapping paper do not make acceptable postal parcels.

Reason: You need to write the recipient’s and your return address on the package and no one is able to see it if  you have fancy wrapping paper.

Recommended method : Brown wrapping paper is the standard acceptable method to wrap parcels although white paper is also accepted.

It also help to protect your parcel with a well packed wrap.

Stay tuned for more postal tips …